Need a Free VPN for Netflix? Do This

Today, with rampant cybercrimes making headlines almost daily, VPNs are indispensable. Not only do they make your session encrypted, but they also open access to videos which is otherwise denied. Netflix junkies recognized the value a few years ago.

The principle of a virtual private network means your IP address gets replaced, while safety is boosted immensely. As a software user, you may usually choose between a lot of locations, both in your country and overseas. Here is the way a free VPN for Netflix can enhance your viewing experience. read more

How to Bypass restrictions on downloading torrent-files

For various causes, providers limit or completely prohibit traffic using the p2p protocol. The p2p-protocols are most widely used in file-sharing networks as torrents, mainly for downloading media files. There are several reasons why providers set a control over this type of Internet activity. In this article, we will describe these reasons and find the solutions to this problem.

Technological reason

The peculiarity of p2p protocols is the uncontrolled “capture” of free resources of supplier through a huge number of connections to different IP. It makes a situation when a small number of clients occupy most of the network resources. In particular, only a few users that generate p2p traffic can fully occupy available capacity of the nearest server, thereby significantly reducing the speed of the connection for other subscribers. This is especially true for 3G networks, the capacity of which is lower than 4G networks.   read more

Music Torrents – Main Reasons to Download VPN

VPN is quite a popular world among those who use the Internet on a regular basis. If you have never heard this abbreviation, then we will reveal one big secret for you. A virtual private network is one thing that every network user should know about. Why? Because it is one of those technologies that grant ordinary users security.

The second reason for the increasing popularity of VPN solutions is associated with their ability to protect your data and anonymize your online experience. Financial transactions and correspondence are always at risk, especially when these are carried out in unprotected and public networks. Hackers can access any data and harm you in one or another way. Therefore, it is not recommended to do payments without VPN and antivirus running on your machine. read more

How to set up Kodi media center

Imagine a world which enables you to enjoy a considerable variety of beloved programs wherever you want. Make your dream real with the special program possessing a pleasant convenient interface. What ’s more, it is absolutely free. Be sure, you’ll be totally taken aback by this flawless media center once you install it as it offers an overwhelming number of media entertainments for multifarious tastes and ages. Kodi is the best possible solution both for the avid movie-goers or those who prefer to watch films being wrapped in the warm blanket while eating pizza.

Kodi is a special open source software or application. Initially, it was created precisely for the Microsoft X- Box but still, the program is highly acclaimed among the users due to its accessible interface and it continues to develop functionally even now. Kodi can be used on multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones or Amazon Fire Sticks. Various types of digital media and a wide specter of media data formats are supported. Listening to music as well as arranging pictures is also available. Despite the fact, that it is customizable and easy to handle some of you may need short guidance, especially if it is your first time running Kodi. read more

How to Use a Torrent with VPN for Secure File Download?

Anyone who connects to the Internet can use a virtual private network to access any type of information that has been previously blocked for them. The same refers to you if you download torrents; in this case, a VPN is just must have for you. Why? What is special about it? Let’s take a closer look at the problem of using Torrent with a VPN.

The BitTorrent protocol used today makes it possible to decentralize the exchange of files, but there is nothing about privacy, anonymity, safety, and 100% file availability. When distributing or downloading a file, your real IP-address becomes open to all users. That’s not a safe approach, agree? To lock this information down, you can use a virtual private network. In addition, a VPN can be used to access previously blocked torrent resources. Although many people think that using VPNs is far from being legal, the rocket VPN service does not encourage piracy and recommends downloading only legally added files. read more

5 Best VPNs for Game Torrenting Anonymously

Willing to play or download games, you can face some sort o problems. Limitations and blocking make it impossible for users to enjoy their pastime online; you may not access the content you want to, download games you’d like to play and watch your favorite series. The government and ISP may block any website they want to, so VPN is definitely a must nowadays.

Top Game Torrents

  1. NordVPN

The service protects all your devices, as well as ensures fast connection whenever you are so you can enjoy playing at home or any other place. The pros are: read more