5 questions with…cancer researcher, VeloSano rider Bill Schiemann

William Schiemann

Bill Schiemann, professor of general medical sciences, has devoted years to studying breast cancer—specifically, metastasis, or cancer’s spread to other parts of the body, which is the cause of more than 90 percent of

5 questions with…Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities Director Peter Knox

peter knox

After completing his undergraduate degree in English and Classics at Harvard University, Peter Knox was ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an attorney. But before he headed off to law school,

5 questions with…retiring director of Facilities Services Gene Matthews

Thirty years ago, Gene Matthews completed his associate’s degree at Lorain Community College, while working as assistant director of facilities at Oberlin College. The Monday after his graduation, his boss gave him an ultimatum:

5 questions with…National Youth Sports Program administrative assistant Chanelle Brown

Chanelle Brown

Chanelle Brown first showed up for the National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) camp at Case Western Reserve in 2004—and she keeps coming back, year after year. Brown has been involved with the program for 11

5 questions with…chemistry department chair, diversity award winner Mary Barkley

Mary Barkley

Mary Barkley isn’t afraid of change. In fact, she’s often the one inciting it—especially when it comes to advancing the status of women in academia, and in the sciences in particular. Barkley’s achievements in

5 questions with…alumnus, think[box] manager Ian Charnas

As think[ box ] manager, Ian Charnas (CWR ’05) is as much a fixture at Case Western Reserve University’s innovation center as one of the 3-D printers or laser cutters anyone is free to

5 questions with…professor, Research ShowCASE board chair Pete Zimmerman

Pete Zimmerman

Pete Zimmerman knows first-hand the value of research and impact it can have on the world. Throughout his career, the professor of international health, biology and genetics has worked toward the prevention of malaria

5 questions with…38-year facilities management employee Tom Bondra

Tom Bondra

Sunday is a big day for Tom Bondra. Not only is it Easter, but it’s also his 72nd birthday. But before he can celebrate the two holidays, he has to make it through an even

5 questions with…documentary star, dual-degree student Imani Scruggs

headshot of Imani Scruggs, CWRU student

Senior Imani Scruggs is a product of alchemy. No, not the medieval chemical science. Rather Alchemy Inc., a mentoring program for adolescent black males in Akron. The program, founded by Scruggs’ father, Kwame, provides positive

5 questions with…senior computer science major, hacker Stephanie Hippo

Early in life, senior Stephanie Hippo’s parents gave her sound advice: “You can complain about something, but until you do something about it, you’re just part of the problem.” Two years ago, Hippo encountered