5 questions with… saxophonist and music instructor Greg Banaszak

By Sydney Otto Greg Banaszak, a music instructor with a whimsical air about him, explained his desire to master the saxophone as pure instinct. After hearing Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” at 10

5 questions with… director of professional development and learning Robert Hall

Robert Hall

While working in professional development and learning at Kent State University, Robert Hall often found himself considering the same question: What makes people change their performance? Hall was captivated by Harvard scholar Srini Pillay’s book,

5 questions with… engineering student, community outreacher Rachel Laveson

As a mechanical engineering major, Rachel Laveson is accustomed to solving problems on the fly. In fact, that’s what drew her to engineering in the first place. That skill has come in handy many times

5 questions with… engineering school innovator Lisa Camp

Lisa Camp

Lisa Camp is a driving force behind innovation at Case Western Reserve, and now she’s taking it to the national level. As associate dean for strategic initiatives at the Case School of Engineering, Camp

5 questions with… former chess prodigy, behavioral economist Roman Sheremeta

Roman Sheremeta doesn’t get anxious often. But when he was watching the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals just a few weeks ago, he recognized a feeling he hadn’t had in quite some time. “I

5 questions with… baseball coach, marathon runner Matt Englander

Matt Englander crosses Cleveland Marathon finish line

Matt Englander believes there are two key ingredients to running a marathon: time and will. And he certainly has the will. Ten months after undergoing surgery for brain cancer in fall 2011, Englander, Case Western Reserve

5 questions with… Distinguished University Professor and history scholar Alan Rocke

Alan Rocke

Alan Rocke is retiring, but it’s a little hard to tell. “There’s not much free time looking forward,” said Rocke, who taught the history of the physical sciences as a Distinguished University Professor and the

5 questions with… recent graduate, public service fellow Olivia Ortega

Olivia Ortega

Olivia Ortega spent the summer between her junior and senior years crashing in the living room of a place she found on Craigslist in order to make interning at the immigration department of the

5 questions with… nutrition researcher, senior Logan Glosser

Logan Glosser presenting his poster

As an athlete, Logan Glosser has always known the importance of eating well and exercising. So when deciding on a career path, nutrition seemed to be the obvious choice. The Toledo, Ohio, native opted to

5 questions with… Hudson Relays chairman, Class of 2017 team captain Evan Ostrowski

Evan Ostrowski running in 2015 Hudson Relays

The first time Evan Ostrowski stepped foot on campus, he was immersed in one of Case Western Reserve University’s richest traditions—the Hudson Relays. As a high school senior, Ostrowski, now a chemical engineering student and