5 questions with… nutrition researcher, senior Logan Glosser

Logan Glosser presenting his poster

As an athlete, Logan Glosser has always known the importance of eating well and exercising. So when deciding on a career path, nutrition seemed to be the obvious choice. The Toledo, Ohio, native opted to

5 questions with… Hudson Relays chairman, Class of 2017 team captain Evan Ostrowski

Evan Ostrowski running in 2015 Hudson Relays

The first time Evan Ostrowski stepped foot on campus, he was immersed in one of Case Western Reserve University’s richest traditions—the Hudson Relays. As a high school senior, Ostrowski, now a chemical engineering student and

5 questions with… organizer of Italian Film Festival USA – Cleveland and senior instructor of Italian, Denise Caterinacci

Denise Caterinacci

Denise Caterinacci has an early childhood memory of wondering why the United States did not have a king. She recalls hearing her Italian grandparents, who immigrated to Cleveland in the early 1900’s, talk about

5 questions with… National Alliance on Mental Illness on Campus founder, president Maia Delegal

Maia Delegal

After two years at Case Western Reserve University, Maia Delegal knew first hand the amount of stress college students can face, whether it be from academics, extracurricular activities, missing home or some combination of

5 questions with… comedian show organizer, record-breaking athlete Temi Omilabu

Temi Olimabu competing in track and field event

The past four months have been busy for Temi Omilabu. When she wasn’t setting new university track and field records—which she promptly broke again and again—she was planning tonight’s Spring Comedian Show, featuring Demetri

5 questions with… senior football player, NCAA scholarship winner Dayton Snyder

Dayton Snyder in Spartan football game

Dayton Snyder is as comfortable on the football field as a defensive lineman as he is in the classroom, where the senior biomedical engineering major has maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. In recognition of his

5 questions with… student filmmaker Rebekah Camp

Rebekah Camp sitting in a director's chair

Rebekah Camp was a first-year student in a creative writing class when news broke of Ariel Castro’s arrest in the abductions of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Camp had just been tasked with

5 questions with… Ohio’s Outstanding Music Educator Gary Ciepluch

Gary Ciepluch accepts his

When the Ohio Music Education Association sought outstanding teachers and mentors to recognize with its annual honor, Gary Ciepluch’s former students inundated the organization with nominating letters. In all, 42 letters were submitted in honor

5 questions with… Case Engineers Council President Abigail Advincula

Abigail Advincula

As a sophomore, Abigail Advincula tagged along with some friends to the Engineers Week Banquet—the culminating celebration of Engineers Week, hosted by the Case Engineers Council. After that first event, Advincula was hooked. Now a polymer science

5 questions with… dental school’s assistant dean for clinical and translational research Suchitra Nelson

Suchitra Nelson never intended to study dental problems. In fact, she didn’t even realize the field involved her specialty of epidemiology, or the study of patterns, causes and effects of health conditions. But as Nelson