Passion for teaching leads art history’s Elina Gertsman to earn Diekhoff Award

Elina Gertsman

The first time Elina Gertsman stepped into a classroom as a teaching fellow in graduate school, she was terrified. But that feeling was soon replaced with another. “At the end of that session, I was

Nursing’s Christopher Burant selected for Diekhoff teaching award

Chris Burant

A couple of things are certain for graduate students taking any research statistics course that Chris Burant teaches. He will let his class know right away the material is so challenging they may feel as

Math’s Daniela Calvetti honored with Diekhoff award for outstanding mentoring

Daniela Calvetti’s efforts as chair of the mathematics department, teacher, mentor, adviser, researcher, role model—the list goes on—funnels down to a simple philosophy. “Each student has potential and has dreams and has goals, and it’s

Colleen Croniger’s teaching style honored with Diekhoff award

Colleen Croniger and a student in a lab

Students at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine know that even in nutrition courses, there’s always room for sweets. That’s because, in Colleen Croniger’s relatable, interactive teaching style, Halloween candy is the springboard to

Weatherhead School’s Diane Bergeron wins Diekhoff teaching award

What makes Diane Bergeron a respected and appreciated teacher at the graduate level is her recognition of each student’s particular talents, just as a skilled manager does within a successful organization. The key, she