Approaching income-tax deadline, filing may be especially confusing for same-sex married couples


Case Western Reserve University tax law expert Leon Gabinet monitors how the IRS has provided some needed clarity in a changing scenario The days leading up to the April 15 tax filing deadline could be

Celebrate real-life superheroes at this weekend’s Relay For Life

Relay For Life

Last weekend, Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier hit the big screen, featuring superheroes battling adversity with Cleveland as their backdrop. This weekend, the Case Western Reserve University community can see real-life heroes:

CWRU study finds family “taxi” might be ideal place to develop child’s interest in music

Lisa Huisman Koops

Case Western Reserve University music educator Lisa Huisman Koops realized during the daily 20-minute commute to her daughter’s preschool that the family vehicle might be an ideal—and overlooked—place to develop a child’s awareness and

Anthropology’s Eileen Anderson-Fye leads advanced seminar on obesity and upward mobility

Eileen Anderson-Fye

Experts deem obesity an epidemic. The American Medical Association has gone so far as to call it a disease. And research shows it correlates with higher risk of cardiovascular incidents and cancer. Add in centuries-long

Researcher evaluates tax break for “trickle down charity”

Law’s Matthew Rossman calls on IRS to better determine if regional economic development organizations that claim to be charities really are An upcoming law review article suggests the Internal Revenue Service should do a better

5 questions with…graduate chemistry student, rising scientist Brittney Bunn

Brittany Bunn CWRU lab

By: Shivani Parikh Brittney Bunn’s passion for science began in a high school classroom in Barberton, Ohio—and now it’s taken her all the way across the country to a national conference in Ventura, Calif., where

CWRU tech transfer grants exclusive license to Compadre; AeroClay LLC is formed


Foam-like polymer/clay composite offers an array of potential applications, from packaging hazardous materials to possible oil-spill cleanup solution  Compadre, a company best known for transit packaging solutions, obtained an exclusive license to pursue commercial

Special edition: 5 questions with…Chief Compliance Officer Boyd Kumher on new training


Earlier this month, a large proportion of the university community received emails regarding online compliance training in such subjects as ethics, diversity and fraud. Some wondered whether the emails were spam. Some feared they

5 questions with…former child actor, assistant professor of law Charlie Korsmo

Charlie Korsmo

Familiar faces abound at Case Western Reserve. But there’s one person in particular who people may recognize from more than simply a passing glance on the quad; his is a familiar face from the

CWRU, CIA students put technology and art on display at upcoming festival


In 2010, two Case Western Reserve University graduate students launched the Brite Winter festival to celebrate the season. Four years later, the annual free arts and musical event has grown significantly—attracting some 20,000 people