Find out the implications of gene-altering technology at next Science Café Cleveland

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The recent development of CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology has made it possible to precisely alter the genes of any organism, including humans. Learn about this powerful new technology and join the discussion of the implications

5 questions with…professor, Research ShowCASE board chair Pete Zimmerman

Pete Zimmerman

Pete Zimmerman knows first-hand the value of research and impact it can have on the world. Throughout his career, the professor of international health, biology and genetics has worked toward the prevention of malaria

Pilot grants available from Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law

The Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law (CGREAL) is accepting applications for pilot projects from Case Western Reserve University faculty and Cleveland Clinic researchers who are interested in developing research on ethical, legal

International research team discovers genetic dysfunction connected to hydrocephalus

Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

Case Western Reserve scientist helps lead study that links “Dishevelled” genes to disruptions in cerebrospinal fluid flow in animal models The mysterious condition once known as “water on the brain” became just a bit less

Researchers discover chromosome therapy to correct a severe chromosome defect

Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

Induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming offers potential to correct abnormal chromosomes Geneticists from Ohio, California and Japan joined forces in a quest to correct a faulty chromosome through cellular reprogramming. Their study, published online in

Genetics’ Peter Zimmerman and David Serre receive $3.5 million grant to study malaria-spreading parasite

CWRU, Cleveland Clinic researchers get $3.5 million to study genetic changes of parasite that causes malaria The Plain Dealer: A team of researchers led by Peter Zimmerman, professor of international health, biology and genetics, and

Researchers determine Y-chromosome mutations reveal precariousness of male development

headshot of Michael Weiss CWRU in his lab

The idea that men and women are fundamentally different from each other is widely accepted. And throughout the world, this has created distinct ideas about which social and physical characteristics are necessary in each

Researchers morph ordinary skin cells into functional brain cells

Scientists at CWRU School of Medicine discover new technique that holds promise for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy Researchers at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine have discovered a technique that directly