Biochemistry Chair Michael Weiss talks about experience developing, commercializing heat-stable insulin

Business decisions Michael Weiss, the Cowan-Blum Professor of Cancer Research and chair of the Department of Biochemistry, talked about his business experience developing and commercializing heat-stable insulin. “I want to move insulin analogs out of

Protective hinge process enables insulin to bind to cells

headshot of Michael Weiss CWRU in his lab

Case Western Reserve scientist helps lead study that will enhance insulin products and improve blood sugar control Since its landmark discovery in 1922, insulin has improved the health and extended the lives of more than

Four faculty members honored for exemplary research contributions


In recognition of the critical importance of research to Case Western Reserve’s success, university administrators recently announced the recipients of the second Faculty Distinguished Research Awards. The awards, created last year under the direction of

Researchers determine Y-chromosome mutations reveal precariousness of male development

headshot of Michael Weiss CWRU in his lab

The idea that men and women are fundamentally different from each other is widely accepted. And throughout the world, this has created distinct ideas about which social and physical characteristics are necessary in each

Researchers find evolution of diverse sex-determining mechanisms in mammals


Scientists historically have argued that evolution proceeds through gradual development of traits. But how can incremental changes apply to the binary switch between two sexes, male or female? Researchers at Case Western Reserve University’s