CWRU, Cornell scientists secure prestigious Hartwell Award for collaborative research

headshot of Jonathan Sears CWRU

The Hartwell Foundation presented a 2014 Biomedical Research Collaboration Award to Jonathan Sears, MD, of Case Western Reserve University, and Randi Silver, PhD, of Cornell University, for their research to overcome blindness and chronic

Medicine’s Sanford Markowitz and Kishore Guda discuss colon cancer findings

Gene mutations linked to colon cancer in black patients US News & World Report: Sanford Markowitz, the Ingalls Professor of Cancer Genetics, and Kishore Guda, assistant professor in General Medical Sciences (Oncology) discussed their research

Get tips on finding summer research opportunities at today’s info session

Students are invited to attend Finding Summer Research—a 50-minute information session to learn about both formal and informal research opportunities—today (Jan. 23) at 4 p.m. in the Toepfer Room in Adelbert Hall (second floor). Learn

Contrary to popular belief, dental care for baby teeth is vital

colorful toothbrushes in a row

$1.6 million dental study aims to correct parent/caregiver misperceptions to improve dental attention to children’s teeth Dental researchers hope to vastly improve oral health in children by countering a common misperception that dental care for

Deadline extended to apply to Welter-Muzic Child Well-Being Scholars: Conference Support Program

The deadline to apply to the Welter-Muzic Child Well-Being Scholars: Conference Support Program has been extended to Friday, Jan. 30. The program provides financial support to undergraduate students to attend a professional conference on research

Medicine’s Sanford Markowitz discusses research findings on colorectal cancers

Colorectal cancers in black patients have molecular differences, Cleveland research team discovers The Plain Dealer: Sanford Markowitz, the Ingalls Professor of Cancer Genetics, discussed his research, which identified how colorectal cancer on the molecular level is different

Medicine’s Smitha Krishnamurthi discusses recent findings on Vitamin D and colon cancer survival

​Vitamin D may boost colon cancer survival CBS News: Higher levels of vitamin D seem to improve colon cancer patients’ response to chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs. It also takes longer for cancer to progress in

New LGBTQ research group to be formed at CWRU

The Office of Faculty Development in cooperation with the LGBT Center and the CWRU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies (LGBTA) Committee, will sponsor the formation of an LGBTQ research group on campus. This new

Apply for Social Justice Institute Faculty Research Grants; deadline March 17

The Social Justice Institute is making funds available for small grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to tenured or tenure-track faculty members or other faculty who can demonstrate long-term commitment to social justice at

CWRU researchers find Ohio’s diversion program effective in helping juvenile offenders

Jeff Kretschmar CWRU

An evaluation by social work researchers at Case Western Reserve University of Ohio’s Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BHJJ) initiative in 11 counties found the program benefits most young offenders diverted from detention centers to community-based