An alert for parents: CWRU nursing school researcher raises awareness of flame-retardant dangers in household products

Laura Distelhorst

Parents might be surprised to learn their cellphones, living room sofas, baby carriers, bouncy baby chairs and even some pizza boxes may contain chemicals harmful to young children, according to Case Western Reserve University

New CWRU study finds newborn’s first stool could alert doctors to long-term cognitive issues

A newborn’s first stool can signal the child may struggle with persistent cognitive problems, according to Case Western Reserve University Project Newborn researchers. In particular, high levels of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) found in

Novel algorithm identifies DNA copy-number landscapes in African-American colon cancers

Kishore Guda and Vinay Varadan

An algorithm dubbed ENVE could be the Google for genetic aberrations—and it comes from Case Western Reserve University. Remember the World Wide Web before the famed search engine? The web offered extraordinary amounts of information,

New study links prenatal cocaine exposure to engaging in sex by age 15

Meeyoung Min

Since 1994, researchers at Case Western Reserve University have studied mothers—some who used cocaine while pregnant and others who did not—to understand how the drug affected their children’s cognitive and social development. Their latest findings

Case Western Reserve to lead multi-institutional ”Big Data” project

Satya Sahoo

Federal grant supports design of platform for collection, analysis of different kinds of data Case Western Reserve University is one of three institutions nationwide to win federal “Big Data” grants focused on developing ways to

CWRU researcher awarded grant to help make biomedical network data more accessible to speed health discoveries

Mehmet Koyuturk

The amount of biomedical data being generated nationally is exploding, and holds great promise for research. The data is often organized in the form of networks, which provide insights into interactions among the components of

Medical student research to be on display at Friday’s Lepow Day


Irwin. H. Lepow Medical Student Research Day—originally scheduled for Feb. 19—will be held Friday, July 17, from noon to 5 p.m. in the Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Research Building. The daylong event celebrates

CWRU researchers find key protein controls nutrient availability in mammals

mukesh jain

Case Western Reserve researchers already demonstrated that a single protein plays a pivotal role in the use of nutrients by major organs that allow for the burning of fat during exercise or regulating the

3-D views reveal intricacies in intestines that could lead to discoveries for inflammatory bowel disease

Fabio Cominelli

Case Western Reserve scientists find mouse models of IBD most closely resembling human forms of the illness A technology whose roots date to the 1800s has the potential to offer a new advantage to modern-day

New study shows prepared safety net improves care, saves money in Medicaid expansion population

A new study published in the July issue of Health Affairs, the preeminent journal on health care policy, found that poor, uninsured patients who enrolled in a Medicaid-like insurance plan had better care and