Student, faculty projects to be featured at Research ShowCASE 2014


Clevelanders could have used a robotic snow-mower—especially this winter. That and other student-faculty innovations will be demonstrated at Research ShowCASE 2014, a day where nearly 600 Case Western Reserve University researchers, scientists and scholars come

Study in ”Nature Immunology” finds novel population of white blood cells

white and red blood cells on red background

Interleukin 17 producing and responding neutrophils exhibit enhanced microbial killing activity Case Western Reserve University researchers have discovered a novel population of neutrophils, which are the body’s infection control workhorses. These cells have an enhanced

Brains of autistic children are “noisier,” says School of Medicine’s Roberto Fernández Galán

Understanding autism ideastream: As autism rates increase at a rapid pace, researchers are pioneering new treatments and understandings of the disease. A research group led by Roberto Fernández Galán, assistant professor of neuroscience, found that the

Study reveals leaders are wired to be task-focused or team-builders, but can be both


What sort of leader are you? Do you think leading is all about a laser-like focus on the task, watching the bottom line and making sure everyone is doing what they should? Or is

Using big data to identify triple-negative breast, oropharyngeal and lung cancers

Anant Madabhushi

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University and colleagues used “big data” analytics to predict if a patient is suffering from aggressive triple-negative breast cancer, slower-moving cancers or non-cancerous lesions with 95 percent accuracy. If the

CWRU study finds family “taxi” might be ideal place to develop child’s interest in music

Lisa Huisman Koops

Case Western Reserve University music educator Lisa Huisman Koops realized during the daily 20-minute commute to her daughter’s preschool that the family vehicle might be an ideal—and overlooked—place to develop a child’s awareness and

Video conferencing allows near and far caregivers to help loved ones

stethoscope on computer keyboard

Of an estimated 65 million Americans who provide some type of care to an ill family member, about 7 million live at least an hour from the relative they’re caring for. The issue, then, is

Researcher evaluates tax break for “trickle down charity”

Law’s Matthew Rossman calls on IRS to better determine if regional economic development organizations that claim to be charities really are An upcoming law review article suggests the Internal Revenue Service should do a better

Research team led by Biomedical Engineering’s Anirban Sen Gupta receives NIH grant

CWRU, Cleveland Clinic win NIH grant to develop injectable artificial platelets The Plain Dealer: A joint CWRU and Cleveland Clinic Foundation research team received a five-year, $1.9 million grant to develop injectable artificial platelets. Anirban Sen

Moms of children on life-sustaining devices embrace tips for managing stress

stressed woman

Many mothers with children on life-sustaining medical devices, such as ventilators and breathing or feeding tubes, suffer physical and psychological distress from the stress of juggling treatments, appointments, therapies and daily family pressures. But researchers