Two School of Medicine students named Fulbright Scholars

Max Feinstein and Jacob Christ

By Kaitlin Murphy This year, two Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine students were named Fulbright Scholars, in recognition of their innovative research ideas and passion for making a difference abroad. Max Feinstein, a

Cleveland researchers developing GPS for rectal cancer surgery

Satish Viswanath

Risk score would determine who would benefit from chemoradiation alone Researchers estimate that, in the United States annually, up to 10,000 rectal cancer patients undergo unnecessary surgery, and more than 25,000 suffer from pelvic sepsis,

Sports practice accounts for just 1 percent of the performance differences among elite athletes

Brooke Macnamara

Among elite athletes, practice accounts for a scant 1 percent of the difference in their performances—and starting sports at an early age does not necessarily provide athletes an upper hand—according to new research. “While practice

Burning for knowledge: Researchers set to ignite fire in space

International Space Station

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University, NASA John H. Glenn Research Center and around the world will perform the largest fire-safety experiment ever in space when the unmanned Cygnus cargo module backs a safe

Testing of backlogged rape kits yields new insights into rapists and major implications for how sexual assaults should be investigated

Scientist conducting research with microscope

New data challenges conventional wisdom about rape among scholars, advocates, police and prosecutors The testing of nearly 5,000 forgotten and backlogged rape kits in Cuyahoga County has led to investigations, indictments, prosecutions—and, already, more than

Three university-based technologies secure translational state funding awards

Test tubes

Working in collaboration with the university’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO), four Case Western Reserve faculty recently secured state funding awards to help them move their research from the campus to the marketplace. The awards involve

Practicing how to play during school can improve student imaginations and creative problem-solving, study shows

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

Elementary students who practiced playing at school significantly improved their organization of stories, imagination and frequency in showing emotion, according to a study by researchers at Case Western Reserve University. Students who struggled using their

Researchers’ findings offer promise for the development of new treatments for chronic pain and cancer

petri dishes in laboratory

Mapping of the full-length TRPV2 protein structure could advance design of innovative pharmaceutical compounds A team led by researchers at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine has identified a promising new target for the

Researchers discover moving, electrically “silent” source initiates brain waves

graphic of active brain

Finding may help in understanding memory formation, treating epilepsy Researchers at Case Western Reserve University discovered a new way that brain waves spread through the hippocampus—a possible step toward understanding and treating epilepsy. The researchers discovered

CWRU leads effort to replace prostheses with engineered cartilage

Illustration of legs with knee cartilage highlighted

Five-year, $6.7 million federal grant for new Center for Multimodal Evaluation of Engineered Cartilage aims to make cartilage knee implants from patients’ cells Case Western Reserve University will open a new center designed to develop