School of Dental Medicine receives $4.6 million to reduce cavities in primary care settings

community dentistry

Pediatricians test their powers of persuasion to deliver more children to dentist Convincing more parents and caregivers to take young children to the dentist begins with persuasive pediatricians—that’s the belief behind a new Case Western

Prostate cancer radiation therapy without fatigue? Nursing researcher seeks answers to common side effect

Chao-Pin Hsiao

Fatigue from prostate cancer and its treatment can be debilitating. The symptom, which can’t be relieved with rest, can lead to increased depression, impaired cognitive function, sleep disturbance and health-related quality-of-life issues. To treat—and ultimately prevent—cancer-related

CWRU biologists find keys to driving a cockroach

Cockroach research

Sensorimotor neurons in central complex encode for movements Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have identified neurons in a cockroach’s brain that control whether the insect walks slow or fast, turns right or left or

CWRU receives $2 million for smoking cessation research

smoking cessation

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute research funding award goes to investigating a more effective approach to get patients to stop smoking A Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine team received $2 million from the Patient-Centered Outcomes

Study finds men can benefit from pelvic exercises after prostate cancer treatment

Amy Zhang

Men with urinary leaks from surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer can benefit from “Kegel” exercises known for treating incontinence in women after giving birth, according to a Case Western Reserve University study. About

Jackson T. Wright Jr. honored for reducing cardiovascular disease among African-Americans

Jackson T. Wright Jr.

Earns American Heart Association’s prestigious 2015 Clinical Research Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Cardiovascular Science When Jackson T. Wright Jr. began practicing medicine in the 1980’s, physicians knew that the risks of high blood pressure

CWRU team wins first prize—and $150,000—in health care technology competition

Hemechip illustration

A Case Western Reserve University team won first prize and $150,000 in the Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare for their project, Hemechip. Yunus Alapan, a mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate student, led the team. The

CWRU wins NIH grant to help families make health-care decisions with avatar-based software

Photo of nurse comforting patient

A new $2.48 million federal grant will allow researchers at Case Western Reserve University to revise and test the effectiveness of an interactive avatar-based technology that helps users make end-of-life decisions well in advance

Researchers win V Foundation grant to study gene mutations in African-American patients

Sanford Markowitz

The Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, created by the V Foundation in January 2015 to honor the memory of Stuart Scott, ESPN news anchor, has awarded Sanford Markowitz a three-year, $600,000 grant to

CWRU researcher to transform clot makers into clot busters

Anirban Sen Gupta

Sen Gupta adapting platelet technology to treat stroke and heart attack A Case Western Reserve University researcher has been awarded a five-year, $1.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to transform clot-forming