Medicine’s Jerry Silver discusses his team’s research on repairing spinal cord injuries

Exploradio: Improving the lives of paralyzed people WKSU: Jerry Silver, professor of neurosciences, is leading testing on how nerve cells regrow after a spinal cord injury. His research is restoring urinary function in animal models,

Coenzyme A plays leading role in nitric oxide function essential to cell metabolism

“Unanticipated” finding could shed light on sources of disease Case Western Reserve and University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center researchers and physicians have discovered that the molecule known as coenzyme A plays a key role in cell metabolism by

Medicine’s Daniel Simon discusses significance of new heart technology

UH using new cost-saving heart technology WKYC: University Hospitals Case Medical Center offers a new, non-invasive test, the FFRCT, to help physicians develop individualized treatment plans for patients with coronary artery disease. “I believe FFRCT

Medicine’s Neal Meropol and Smitha Krishnamurthi featured in video tool for cancer patients

Is a cancer clinical trial right for you? New education tool created in Cleveland, now online, will help you decide The Plain Dealer: Neal Meropol, professor of medicine, and Smitha Krishnamurthi, associate professor of medicine,

Medicine’s Sanford Markowitz and Kishore Guda discuss colon cancer findings

Gene mutations linked to colon cancer in black patients US News & World Report: Sanford Markowitz, the Ingalls Professor of Cancer Genetics, and Kishore Guda, assistant professor in General Medical Sciences (Oncology) discussed their research

Medicine’s Sanford Markowitz discusses research findings on colorectal cancers

Colorectal cancers in black patients have molecular differences, Cleveland research team discovers The Plain Dealer: Sanford Markowitz, the Ingalls Professor of Cancer Genetics, discussed his research, which identified how colorectal cancer on the molecular level is different

Medicine’s Smitha Krishnamurthi discusses recent findings on Vitamin D and colon cancer survival

​Vitamin D may boost colon cancer survival CBS News: Higher levels of vitamin D seem to improve colon cancer patients’ response to chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs. It also takes longer for cancer to progress in

Psychiatry’s Phillip Resnick discusses involvement with John Du Pont case

Before ‘Foxcatcher’ became hit movie, Dr. Phillip Resnick of UH was part of the John du Pont defense team The Plain Dealer: Phillip Resnick, professor of psychiatry, was a member of the John du Pont defense

Medicine’s Dorr Dearborn discusses discontinuation of National Children’s Study

Government’s plan to end kids health study stirs concerns Columbus Dispatch: The National Institutes of Health announced last month that it will discontinue the National Children’s Study, which tracked how environmental factors influence health and development.

Researchers identify new gene mutations linked to colorectal cancer in African-American patients


Discovery paves way for new approaches for population with highest incidence and mortality rates from this kind of cancer Case Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers have identified new gene mutations unique to colon cancers in African-Americans—the