Three School of Medicine scholars honored by American Spinal injury Association

Three School of Medicine scholars were recently honored by the American Spinal Injury Association. The board named Greg Nemunaitis, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, one of two new directors in December of 2014. Nemunaitis

Case Western Reserve trustee elected as fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science

headshots of Dean Davis and Geoffrey Duyk

School of Medicine dean is chair of medicine section When the American Association for the Advancement of Science kicked off its four-day annual meeting last Thursday, two members of the Case Western Reserve community attended

Johns Hopkins professor to address HIV-1 research efforts during Lepow Day lecture

Robert Siliciano

This year’s Lepow Medical Student Research Day will be Thursday, Feb. 19, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Wolstein Research Building, with the keynote lecture taking place in the auditorium from 10:15 to

School of Medicine scientists identify proteins likely to trigger psoriasis

Nicole Ward

Finding brings scientists closer to developing treatments that target causes of painful, inflammatory skin condition Case Western Reserve University scientists have taken a huge leap toward identifying root causes of psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition

Medicine’s Alan Lerner stresses importance of Alzheimer’s research at all stages of the disease

Leave no one behind in Alzheimer’s research The Plain Dealer: Alan Lerner, professor of neurology, wrote an opinion piece on the importance of studies that will help advance research on Alzheimer’s at all stages of the disease.

School of Medicine professor recognized for outreach program at John Hay High School

Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott, assistant professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the School of Medicine, will receive the Dr. Ralph Horwitz Partnership Award from the Board of Trustees at John Hay High School’s Cleveland School of

Student scholarships for Social Network Analysis and Health workshop available

The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine is accepting scholarship applications from students and trainees for Social Network Analysis and Health, a one-day workshop that will enhance participants’ understanding of social network theory and

A tobacco tax is good for health and the economy, says Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Stan Gerson

Tobacco taxes improve health, bottom line in Ohio (opinion) The Plain Dealer: Stanton Gerson, director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the county health commissioner penned an opinion piece on why a tobacco tax makes

School of Medicine faculty member receives prestigious award for stem cell research

Still early in his career, Paul Tesar’s continuous string of accomplishments grew even more robust on Jan. 20 when he was named the recipient of the prestigious International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

Medicine’s Jonathan Sears discusses grant for research on prematurity-related disorders

CWRU, Cornell doctors receive nearly $700,000 to fight prematurity-related disorders Plain Dealer: Jonathan Sears, associate professor of ophthalmology, discussed the grant he and a researcher from Cornell University received from the Hartwell Foundation that will help