Neuroscientist clinches prized Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award

Roberto Galan CWRU

When Roberto Fernández Galán, assistant professor of neuroscience, proposed investigating how neuronal activity in brain circuits relate to autism, The Hartwell Foundation supported the idea. Galán recently received a 2013 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research

School of Medicine’s Neil Korman discusses skin condition of Canadian former finance minister

Painful skin condition made Flaherty’s health a public matter The Canadian Press: Neil Korman, professor of dermatology, discussed the recent death of Canada’s former finance minister, who had a serious skin condition but died of a

Researchers discover heart attack gene, MRP-14, triggers blood clot formation

Discovery could lead to more effective therapies to prevent heart attacks Right now, options are limited for preventing heart attacks. However, the day may come when treatments target the heart attack gene, myeloid related protein-14

Study in ”Nature Immunology” finds novel population of white blood cells

white and red blood cells on red background

Interleukin 17 producing and responding neutrophils exhibit enhanced microbial killing activity Case Western Reserve University researchers have discovered a novel population of neutrophils, which are the body’s infection control workhorses. These cells have an enhanced

Brains of autistic children are “noisier,” says School of Medicine’s Roberto Fernández Galán

Understanding autism ideastream: As autism rates increase at a rapid pace, researchers are pioneering new treatments and understandings of the disease. A research group led by Roberto Fernández Galán, assistant professor of neuroscience, found that the

Many people don’t trust medicine, says School of Medicine’s Sybil Marsh

Ignoring doctor’s orders: Not filling new prescription is common patient habit, study shows The Plain Dealer:  Sybil Marsh, associate professor of family medicine, weighed in on a recent study that found nearly one-third of prescriptions

Register for five-week Mini Med School—medical school ”for the rest of us”


Members of the campus community are invited to take part in the spring session of Mini Med School, from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong

School of Medicine’s Suri Koroukian talks about a new Ohio public health initiative

Ohio aims to curb chronic diseases The Columbus Dispatch: Health officials released a plan to prevent and reduce chronic disease across the state, developed with input from more than 40 organizations. The initiative gives public-health

School of Medicine’s Alvin Schmaier and Cleveland Clinic’s Keith McCrae were awarded $100 thousand continue their research

2 Cleveland researchers get ASH Bridge Grants to continue hematology work amid funding cuts The Plain Dealer: Alvin Schmaier, professor of medicine at the School of Medicine, and Keith McCrae, professor of molecular medicine at Cleveland Clinic

Students at School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine have “Match Day”

The envelope, please: Students open letters about their future Fox 8 Cleveland: Last Friday was “Match Day” at the School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and at medical schools around the country as graduating students found