Next UCITE session to focus on using group work effectively in classroom settings

The practice of having students work in groups in educational settings keeps growing—partly driven because students have to share resources or are working on projects too large to handle individually, and also because new

CWRU active learning initiative featured by “EDUCAUSE Review”

At Case Western Reserve, pushing teaching and learning past their usual bounds is critical. EDUCAUSE Review reinforced this commitment by publishing a key paper on the efforts taken at Case Western Reserve to foster

Nominate an outstanding faculty member by Feb. 16 for John S. Diekhoff Award

The deadline to nominate a faculty member for the John S. Diekhoff Award is Feb. 16. This award recognizes individuals who have been outstanding in teaching or mentoring graduate students. All faculty members who teach

Learn how to ”make ideas stick” at Nov. 6 UCITE session

People spend large chunks of time in classes during their formal education and yet, after it is all over, they tend to remember only a few things here and there. This raises the question

UCITE to host session on presentation skills

The ability to make an effective presentation is an important skill. Apart from simply a way to influence how others view you, preparing a good presentation helps sharpen an idea, deliver a more concise

UCITE to offer session on Professor Emeritus Dave Kolb’s learning styles, cycles

In 1984, David Kolb, professor emeritus at the Weatherhead School of Management, published his learning styles and learning cycle model now used worldwide. The cycle comprises four stages of learning: concrete experience, reflective observation,

UCITE to host session on close reading

Given the rapid growth in knowledge, it is inevitable that the amount of information that we expect students to learn in courses has also grown, unless instructors are very vigilant in limiting it. This tends to place

UCITE to host session on teaching successful courses

There are many factors that go into teaching a successful course, but sometimes we put our greatest efforts into areas that may not provide the biggest payoff and neglect those aspects that may require less effort but

Katia Almeida inspires students to see the world from a different perspective


Katia Almeida delights in how her students represent various majors and interests—medicine, business, engineering, the arts and more. Because, she believes, the study of anthropology is relevant and applicable, no matter the discipline. “It enables you

Lisa Nielson earns a Carl F. Wittke Award for Undergraduate Teaching

Lisa Nielson CWRU

When first given the opportunity to teach at the university level eight years ago, Lisa Nielson stopped to consider what kind of instructor she wanted to be. She’d sat through countless hours of lectures on