Wittke Award winner Amy Absher driven by “sacred trust” to teach and mentor

Amy Absher

In early April, there was a knock at the side door of the classroom where Amy Absher was teaching one of her SAGES courses. To the laughter of her students, Absher joked: “We’re not interested.

Faculty: Learn how you can handle unexpected moments in the classroom at UCITE session April 7

It has been sometimes said that classroom teaching is the indoor equivalent of whitewater rafting: long episodes of quiet calm, interspersed suddenly with an onset of rapids, which instructors are often unprepared for. It

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While many individuals in higher education speak of the value of critical thinking, faculty often feel intense time pressures or do not have sufficient strategies to seamlessly integrate critical thinking into instruction. At the next

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The ability to understand and analyze scholarly texts and journal articles is a critical skill for students to obtain. However, many students have difficulty reading and understanding this material. At the next University Center for Innovation

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The next University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) session will cover Case Inquiry (IQ), which is a small-group learning method that is adapted from the “new” Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach introduced at

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Recent classes of undergraduate students have been unprecedentedly large, a trend expected to continue. Due to this increase in students, class sizes will be larger than they were in the past. Faculty can counter some of the

Next UCITE session to address diversity in the classroom

Case Western Reserve University’s campus community grows more diverse with each incoming class. To create the most inclusive learning environment possible, the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) will host a

Nominate professors, mentors for Wittke/Jackson awards

Wittke/Jackson 2016 call for nominations flyer

Nominations are being accepted for the J. Bruce Jackson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring and the Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. The Jackson award is given to faculty or staff

Faculty: Discover what makes ideas “stick” for students

Despite the amount of time most people spend in classrooms during their formal education, people often only remember a few concepts here and there. So what makes some ideas “stick” in the minds of people

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The ubiquity of the lecture as a teaching technique has been challenged by alternative modes such as flipped classrooms, seminars, discussion classes, and the like. Though there may be temptation to think of the lecture