Institute for the Science of Origins brings TEDxCLE to CWRU campus for the first time

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This year marks the centennial of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity—a landmark scientific discovery with roots at Case Western Reserve University. In 1887, Case School of Applied Science physics professor Albert Michelson and Western

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the theory of relativity at TEDxCLESalon event

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Join Case Western Reserve University, the Institute for the Science of Origins, TEDxCLE and the City Club of Cleveland to celebrate and discuss the accomplishments of Albert Einstein for TEDxCLESalon. The event will be held

Three CWRU scholars to present at TEDxCLE 2015

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Presenting research in front of large crowds is nothing new for Case Western Reserve University scholars. But on Friday, three researchers will share stories that go beyond what audiences have heard before, as speakers at

Three members of CWRU community speak at TEDxCLE Thursday

Forget sporting events or rock concerts; the hottest ticket in town is to the fourth annual TEDxCLE event, taking place today at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This year’s event sold out in just