How to Use a Torrent with VPN for Secure File Download?

Anyone who connects to the Internet can use a virtual private network to access any type of information that has been previously blocked for them. The same refers to you if you download torrents; in this case, a VPN is just must have for you. Why? What is special about it? Let’s take a closer look at the problem of using Torrent with a VPN.

The BitTorrent protocol used today makes it possible to decentralize the exchange of files, but there is nothing about privacy, anonymity, safety, and 100% file availability. When distributing or downloading a file, your real IP-address becomes open to all users. That’s not a safe approach, agree? To lock this information down, you can use a virtual private network. In addition, a VPN can be used to access previously blocked torrent resources. Although many people think that using VPNs is far from being legal, the rocket VPN service does not encourage piracy and recommends downloading only legally added files.

Magic of Picking VPNs for Torrenting – Ready?

To determine the best VPN for torrents, we need to assess some criteria. Torrents and file sharing P2P (peer-to-peer network) requires privacy, the security of transmitted data, and high download speed. Based on these data, we will use the following parameters to evaluate each P2P VPN:

  • Security – encryption makes it impossible for third-party users to monitor the activity of a VPN user. It helps you avoid being tracked by your Internet service providers. VPN kill switches and DNS leak safeguard are to be a  place to ensure that none that can be used to identify you;
  • Logging policy – The P2P VPN service should not track/ store logs; that is, it does not record or save info about your activity. IP addresses shouldn’t be registered as well. Ideally, the provider does not receive any information; in other words, it cannot be hacked or forced to provide information about customers;
  • Bandwidth limit – some VPNs have limits on the amount of data transferred or limited bandwidth, which slows down the download speed;
  • The speed – VPN for torrents should successfully pass all speed tests so that you do not have to wait for several minutes to download a single file;
  • Shared IPs – It is better to pick VPNs that use shared IP addresses for torrents. This means that you have an IP address that is shared with thousands of other users within the same network. By following such an approach, you can add a great level of anonymity, making it difficult to track your activity.

All in all, picking a good VPN solution for torrenting is not an easy task. No to get lost on a limitless market, we strongly recommend you to check specialized forums for VPN reviews and run free VPN test drives before purchasing a subscription.