How to set up Kodi media center

Imagine a world which enables you to enjoy a considerable variety of beloved programs wherever you want. Make your dream real with the special program possessing a pleasant convenient interface. What ’s more, it is absolutely free. Be sure, you’ll be totally taken aback by this flawless media center once you install it as it offers an overwhelming number of media entertainments for multifarious tastes and ages. Kodi is the best possible solution both for the avid movie-goers or those who prefer to watch films being wrapped in the warm blanket while eating pizza.

Kodi is a special open source software or application. Initially, it was created precisely for the Microsoft X- Box but still, the program is highly acclaimed among the users due to its accessible interface and it continues to develop functionally even now. Kodi can be used on multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones or Amazon Fire Sticks. Various types of digital media and a wide specter of media data formats are supported. Listening to music as well as arranging pictures is also available. Despite the fact, that it is customizable and easy to handle some of you may need short guidance, especially if it is your first time running Kodi.

How to set up Kodi?

So, if you are willing to understand how to deal with Kodi and create your own cinema at home, first of all, you have to install it on your gadget. It can be found on the official site and its installation doesn’t require any specific knowledge. Once you run the program from the Main Menu, customizing it for your personal needs may be tricky, so let’s look through how to make Kodi work.

Interface settings

As soon as you launch the program, the pleasant interface will reveal itself. Generally, the language used is English but you can easily alter it. To switch to another language find «Interface Settings» and pick «Regional» from the left-positioned menu. Now you are capable to select any language, timezone, and keyboard you want.  Then the language of the menu will automatically change.

Watching videos

Primarily, people use Kodi for watching videos and movies as this program provides a really convenient interface for those purposes. There are two options for selecting the required content.  You can relish saved films or enjoy them online. To open the external drive files you should connect your PC or any other device to Kodi. After that, click on «Films» or «Videos» and append the necessary media files. Now, double-click and enjoy the video.

If you have the desire to watch movies online and somehow expand Kodi’s content, search for «Add-ons» in the main menu.  Select the ‘Download’ button. Among the vast variety of catalogs pick up those you like the most and install.

Listening to music

Apart from watching movies, Kodi enables its users to listen to music too.  Enjoy your favorite songs stored on your computer just in a few clicks. Find the «Music» button and choose «File». Then pick the track or track folder you want to listen to.

VPN for Kodi

While using Kodi you must be sure that your private data is perfectly protected. Free VPN for Kodi is the best solution. Among the best known are:

  • CyberGhost VPN;
  • NordVPN;
  • IPVanish;
  • ExpressVPN.

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