Need a Free VPN for Netflix? Do This

Today, with rampant cybercrimes making headlines almost daily, VPNs are indispensable. Not only do they make your session encrypted, but they also open access to videos which is otherwise denied. Netflix junkies recognized the value a few years ago.

The principle of a virtual private network means your IP address gets replaced, while safety is boosted immensely. As a software user, you may usually choose between a lot of locations, both in your country and overseas. Here is the way a free VPN for Netflix can enhance your viewing experience.

The Nature of Geo-Blocks

Just like Amazon or Hulu, the platform offers a different selection of movies and TV series to members from different countries. You may have noticed it while traveling: some shows become unavailable once you cross the border. Why does the streaming giant do it?

Why set up all those barriers? Blame it on the copyright legislation. There are now as many as two hundred different versions tailored to certain locations. Despite the impressive growth of Netflix-produced content, it still accounts for a smaller share of what is on offer. Hence,

  • The majority of movies and TV series on offer still come from other studios. The opinions of these other stakeholders determine what is streamed and where.
  • Many of the content distributors sign agreements with local networks granting them exclusive viewing rights.
  • As selling the same movie twice is hardly possible, streaming of Burn Notice may be permitted in the U.S.A, but blocked in a European country where the rights are held by a local TV network.

This means that once you open the familiar website, it secretly redirects you to the page tailored to your location based on this patchwork of licensing agreements. Importantly, this has nothing to do with the location from which you once registered. This only defines the subscription fee.

The Ban

Your IP address is the reason why the new season of Lucifer has become inaccessible to you. It was only a question of time before the content generators uncovered the massive IP faking and did something about it.

Until recently, circumventing geographic restrictions was relatively easy. You could simply flip the switch and make it look like you are accessing the platform from another country. Now, however, the platform has come up with a sophisticated anti-VPN policy.

Effective since November 2019, it has rendered many, although not all, VPNs ineffective. Yes, some virtual private networks have managed to outsmart the video giant.

Can I Still Find a Free Tool?

VPN Netflix

Yes, it is still possible. Naturally, most of the services left today, such as ExpressVPN, require a subscription fee. The former is, however, very affordable is sure worth every cent.

Most paid programs normally offer a 30-day trial period, and a money-back guarantee to let you test the options. Check customer feedback and review sites before installing any free software. Make sure it secures your data, aside from letting you watch your favorite TV shows.

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